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Without realizing, almost twenty five years have gone by.

Founded in October 1995, with a family capital structure, situation which still holds true today, a J. Dias Ferreira, Lda. has since the beggining positioned itself as a strong candidate to Wholesale, primarily targeted at Building Materials, Drugstores and farm houses.

After seventeen years, we found that this choice was the correct path, being the most obvious proof of our success today under about 1200 customers (all in wholesale). Nobody knows the future.

We want, in any event, leave here that, unless a reason other than our control, the way to go is exactly the way that got us here.

With a staff of eight professionals in sales, we currently cover the entire Portuguese territory.

This year we will broaden our commercial horizons that if all goes as planned, will lead us to the islands and start the exporting works.

We continue to look forward leaving here our most recognized thanks to those who contributed to us being what we are today - Our Customers.

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We are true to the principles defined when we founded this Company, absolute respect for existing distribution channels: our clients are the resalve houses and we will never place ourselves in our client's customer.

If this policy has ever to be changed our client will be the first one to know of this change.